Weal Pacific


Luxury is a Journey.
It is the time we spent allowing ourselves to enjoy the finest things of life. Luxury is the journey we dedicate to experience the best the world has to offer. 

We create lush and unique environments with one objective in mind, bringing the true meaning of luxury to life by giving its clients a place worth the Journey.
We are working with leading luxury brands such as Hermès, Giada, 1436 Erdos, John Lobb, Masterpiece ... providing design and project management support to ensure their design vision is achieved with the highest standards of quality. 

With more than 15 years of solid pan asian experience on project design and coordination for some of the most luxurious brands, Weal Pacific was founded in 2007 to offer our expertise to our high end clients in Asia. 

We believe in providing an exceptional service to selected clients who share our vision of  excellence. We adapt a symbiotic working relationship where we become part of the project not as an external consultant but a true stakeholder. When the need arise, we go deep into the roots of the projects and build an comprehensive branding strategy.

We understand local constraints, we acknowledge the richness of cultures, we embrace the challenge of building Asia's true luxury retail.